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Idea for Deferred Processing Automatic Start

Release Date: 03/08/2023
Version: 8.x & Up

QI noticed when the server is restarted, the Deferred Processing doesn't start. Therefore, if the server is restarted for any reason, including periodic Windows service pack updates, I have to login to the server, and manually restart the Deferred Processing.

Can I suggest an idea to add a time to start the Deferred Processing automatically? This is not 100% coverage, but if I know that the server is started every week at 10PM, I can schedule the start of the Deferred Processing accordingly. So on the Start in Ready mode, I would add a time.

A - This is an issue we are aware of. We currently don’t have good solution and no short-term fix either. Internally, we have discussed making Deferred Processing a service. However, that is a huge change. Especially since services do not have the ability to access mapped drives. To support running Elliott with services will require us to use a UNC path instead of a mapped drive. Therefore, it is unrealistic for us to make Deferred Processing a service at this time.

As for your idea about creating an auto start Deferred Processing, the issue still gets back to whether Elliott can run as a service or not.  If not, then someone must login as a user to host the Elliott session, which means it is not automated. If the Defer Processing is hosted on a client machine, then it seems that Deferred Processing needs the ability to reset the disconnected PSQL transaction engine session -- a capability that we don't have. Also, what if the client machine is rebooted (e.g., after a Windows services pack update)? So we still circle back to the same issue. The bottom line is if we want to solve this problem, then Deferred Processing needs to be a service. But for various reasons, that's not going to happen in the near future.


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