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Feature - Read Only Attribute Fields

Release Date: 4/7/23

Version: 8.5 and Above

This feature gives the user the ability to mark an attribute field as "Read Only." Fields that are "Read Only" are shown on the attribute screen but they are disabled and cannot be changed in Attribute Maintenance. 
The "Read Only" fields are special fields that are updated outside of the normal attribute user interface. This can occur through Elliott special logic, CSV import, and third-party applications.

When in the System Utilities-> System Files Setup-> Maintenance-> Attribute file, a new flag option is available.  

When editing Reference, Amount, or Check Box fields, a new option -- R=Read Only -- is available. When editing the Date fields, a new option -- O=Read Only -- is available. If the flag is set to the Read Only option, the corresponding field will be disabled on the Attribute Maintenance screen and the user will not be allowed to update the data in the field.


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