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Elliott Control Center Does Not Show the New DATA* Folder Companies

Release: 05/10/2023
Version: 8.x & Up

Q - Elliott 8.5/8/6 was installed on a new server and I have followed the instructions in the following KB article to implement NTFS security:

Then I copied the DATA* folders from the old server to the new server.  See sample screen below:

But I don't see all the DATA* corresponding companies in Elliott Control Center. See sample screen below:

What happened?

A - When you copy each DATA* folder, you should also use the NTFSSEC.BAT command to flag the corresponding data folder for non-BTR files to have the proper NTFS security.  For example, you should go to the new server console and bring up the command prompt in “Administrator” mode. Navigate to the  <ElliottRoot> folder, and issue the command similar to the following syntax:
                M:\Elliott7>NTFSSEC DATA
Repeat this for all other DATA* folders.

The reason you need to do this is because the default NTFS security for everyone in the ATA folder is "Traverse Folder" and "Write." That does not give sufficient rights for everyone to access DAT files. In this case, Elliott Control Center failed to read the COMPFILE.DAT file in each DATA folder. The NTFSEC.BAT will flag *.DAT and other non-BTR files with proper NTFS security.  Starting with Elliott 8.6, you can optionally eliminate DAT files from the DATA* folders. In that case, you may not need to use the NTFSSEC.BAT command.  See the KB article below for more details on how to convert DAT to BTR files:


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