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Feature - Multi-Bin Physical Count Location Wildcard Support

Release Date: 5/12/23

Version: 8.5 and Above

This project enhances the physical count processing for multi-bin users. It is not applicable to non-multi-bin users. It is an extension to features described in this KB article:

Multi-bin users can now perform a partial physical count and specify a location wildcard. This is useful for user who have location codes that start or end with the same character to designate different types of inventory  designations within the same warehouse. 

For example, if a user has a main warehouse of X but also has locations XR for returns and XO for overstock, the user can now perform a partial physical count and specify X* for the location. This will generate the tag work file with the assumption that the user is going to count all items in all bins that reside in warehouses X, XR, and XO. 

If a wildcard location is entered, All Bins will be automatically selected. The system will compare entered tags with the entire location's bin inventory records for every location that matches the wildcard. See sample screen below:


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