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Feature - Add IMINVLOC Table Support for Attribute Import

Date: 07/16/2023
Version: 8.5 & Up

In Elliott, we support Attribute Import through an CSV file by going to Util-Setup-> System File Setup-> Import-> Attribute Import. The following files were supported with this import utility:
  1. ARCUSFIL: AR Customer File
  2. APVENFIL: AP Vendor File
  3. IMITMFIL: Item Master File
  4. CPORDHDR: COP Order Header File
  5. POORDHDR: Purchase Order Header File
  6. BMORDFIL: BOMP Production Order File
  7. SFORDFIL: Shop Floor Order File
  8. EMPFILE: Employee File
  9. ARSLMFIL: AR Salesman File
  10. SYCONTCT: System Contact File
  11. CPSHPFIL: COP Ship-To File
In this update, we are adding support for IMINVLOC (Inventory Location file). See sample screen below:

Please be aware that the primary key of the IMINVLOC table consists of a 15-digit item number + 2-digit location code.  If the item number is less than 15 digits, you must pad the trailing space to make it 15 digits before appending the location code.  See the following example:



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