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Why Do I Get An Account Number With All Zeros When Posting AP Transactions?

Release Date: 8/9/2023
Version: 8.5 & Up

Q: Why do I get an account number with all zeros when posting AP transactions?

A: Sometimes the New A/P Transaction Edit List/Journal may have an account number of all zeros and "*** Not On File ***" for the description.

This means an account number was not entered somewhere in the configuration and should be corrected.  If you have a Material Cost Type/Location record defined for this item and location, then the Purchase Price Variance account would be populated with that record.

In this example, you can see that the account number is populated with zeros.  This can be a valid entry if  Purchase Order is not used.  The Purchase Price Variance account would not be used, so an account number may not exist.  Starting with Elliott 8.5d.714, the configuration will now use the default in the PO Control File.

If you are using Purchase Order where the Purchase Price Variance may be used, then you must enter an account number for field 18, Default PPV Account.  If you leave the PPV account blank in the Material Cost Type/Location File, then the updated program will let you know the default in the PO Control File will be used.

This should prevent a record from being created where the account number is all zeros.

Programs modified: AP0201, IM1701


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