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I Received an Item In PO but the Quantity On Hand Did Not Update

Release Date: 8/11/2023
Version: 7.5 & Up

Q: I received an item in Purchase Order Receiving, but the Quantity On Hand for the item did not update.  What happened?

A: This is most likely a Bill Of Material Product Structure.  You can go to Bill Of Material Product Structure Maintenance and enter the item number in Change mode.

If the item exists, then it is a Product Structure.  These are usually assembled or manufactured, but it is possible to order the parent item in Purchase Order.  It may be the price offered for the finished item is lower than your cost to make the item, so receipt of the item may go directly to the finished good.  It may be the finished good is not assembled and the order is simply a shortcut to purchase all the components needed.  In that case, the components of the parent item can be received so the parent can be assembled at a later date.

When a purchase order is created, the line item contains a flag to determine if the parent item or the components should be received.  This is found in field 14, Recv Comp.

Entry of the receiving would still be for the parent item, but when the record is posted it would update either the parent item or the components based on this flag.


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