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Feature - Avalara Tax Code Support in Sales Order Import

Release Date: 9/6/23
Version: 8.6 and Above

Sales Order Import now determines the correct tax codes for an order based on the ship-to state and country for the order. First, the application will determine if the address is a foreign address (non-US address). If a valid zip code, state, and city combination is entered, tax code 1 will be the state + “1” for the state tax code. Tax code 2 will be the state + “2” -- such as CA2 -- for the county tax code. Tax code 3 will be the state + “3” --  such as CA3 -- for the district tax code. Otherwise, tax code 1 will be set to the default foreign tax code defined in Global Setup-> Add-ons-> Avalara Integration-> 15. Default Foreign Addr Tax Code.

The application will also determine the estimated state, county, and district tax sales tax rates based on the city, state, and zip code on the order. If it is determined that an order is a foreign order, the tax percentages will be set to zero.

Country validation is required to enable Avalara Integration. Entries in the country field will be validated and the user will receive a warning message if a country is not on file. See Country Validation for more information. If country validation is enforced, the application will allow the entry of spaces for the country to signify a default country of USA.

Programs Modified: CPORDIMP

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