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Elliott 8.5 Installation and Creating Run Local Desktop Icon with Video

Release Date: 09/13/2023
Version: 8.5 & Up

In this article, we show you how to install Elliott 8.5 on the server and set up a run local icon on each workstation. We also touch on the Elliott folder structure and provide a brief explanation of DATA folders for multi-company features.

Elliott 8.5 Requirements

Installing Elliott 8.5

  • Install Elliott to the equivalent local path of the network mapped drive path.
  • If the <ElliottRoot> folder already exists, then this an update. The BIN85 and a few other folders will be updated.
  • If the <ElliottRoot> folder does not exist, then this is a new installation. All folders and files will be installed. The Elliott configuration utility will pop up and prompt for setup.

Create Elliott Desktop Icon

  • For a new installation: Create Run Location & Desktop Icon by navigating to the mapped network drive. Execute <ElliottRoot>\Bin85\EL850.EXE.
  • For a new installation: Repeat the above step for each workstation.
  • Start up Elliott.
  • Explain the Elliott Folder structure and company database subfolders: TUTORIAL, DATA, DATA_?? subfolders.


For an indepth presentation of how to install Elliott 8.5 and create the desktop icon to run Elliott from the local folder, you can watch the follow YouTube video:

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