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How to Make Excel Show Negative as Red by Default When Bringing up a CSV File

Release Date: 10/16/2023
Version: 7.x & Up

Q - During the Elliott 2023 conference, at the Financial Statement with Excel session, I saw you were able to bring up the CSV file in Excel that shows the negative amount with red color. I know how to manually format Excel cells to do that.  But how did you let Excel do this by default?

A - This is a natural behavior in Excel. The key is ‘$’ sign and bracket ( ). For example:

  • “   (392,229.82)” = -392.229.82     (I removed $ sign)
  • $ (363,882.41)” = ($363,882.41)
  • Var% (without $ sign) = -34.81, -20.86   (No red ink even they are negative numbers)

See example below:


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