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Received File Locked Message During Import But There's No One Else Opening That File

Release Date: 10/31/2023
Version: 7.x & Up

Q - Elliott's COP Billing Selection CSV Import works well. But on the printing output, we get an error message stating 
    *** Original File Could Not be Deleted, Was Open in Another Program
See sample screen below:

We confirmed there is no other application opening this file.  What may cause this to happen?

A - We investigated this issue together with the user and found this to be a permission issue.  We first tried to cut and paste the file from the source folder and we noticed that there's a security elevation prompt asking the  user to permit or deny. 

Generally speaking, any NTFS security settings that will cause UAC security elevation to prompt "permit" or "deny" will not work well with Elliott's import program.  The typical Elliott import program will try to delete the ASCII file upon import. Since Elliott can't interact with the UAC security elevation prompt, the import will be problematic.  In this case, the user is part of the Administrator group.  So the security policy will prompt the user to elevate security.  To avoid UAC security elevation prompt,  users should be granted explicit NTFS rights to the folder. Do not rely on the implicit rights (e.g. user implicitly has the right because user is part of the admin group.)

For more information on UAC security elevation, see the following KB article:


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