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Fail to Print to Adobe PDF After Upgrading to Adobe Subscription Version

Release Date: 11/16/2023
Version: 8.x & Up

QEver since upgrading to the Adobe Subscription version, Adobe freezes when printing from Elliott to a Printer--> Adobe PDF and the file is never created. See sample screen below:

Alternately, when printing to "Microsoft Print to PDF," an error is generated: Error in call to StartDoc. The Adobe Acrobat Cloud version is installed on this workstation and the error only occurs on this workstation. Your input would be appreciated.

A - It is hard to say unless we can duplicate it at our office. We cannot duplicate it at the moment. See sample screens below for printing Ship Via List to "Microsoft Print to PDF."

Windows Explorer will prompt for the file name and path to save the PDF:

After the printing is done, I see the PDF file created in the target folder:

I have a few comments as to why it fails on your side:
  1. Is this a 64-bit vs. 32-bit driver issue? I know Elliott is a 32-bit application and will have problems working with 64-bit applications.
  2. In your example, I don’t see the Windows Explorer prompting for the file name and path for the PDF. See my example. I don’t know if there are some settings to turn off the prompt that have caused this problem.
  3. You might check your anti-virus software. You might try turning it off and seeing if you can create a PDF. **
Lastly, I am not sure if you are aware that Elliott can print directly to PDF. If you use our feature, there’s no need to use Adobe PDF creator or Microsoft Print to PDF.  See sample screen below:

** Note: The user later responded that turning off the Anti-Virus (Bit-Defender) software to allow PDF files fixed this issue.


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