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Create New Company in Elliott Control Center with Not on This Machine Error Message

Release Date: 01/31/2024
Version: 8.x & Up

Q - I login as the SUPERVISOR in Elliott.  In the Elliott Control Center, when I right click on the node "Elliott Business Software" and choose "ADD NEW COMPANY," I receive the following message:

Elliott Root folder M:\ELLIOTT\ is NOT on this machine. You
must run this on the same machine as the Elliott Root Folder.

 See sample screen below:

A - This message means you need to logon to the Elliott (PSQL) server and run Elliott. Login to Elliott as SUPERVISOR to perform this task.

Also, make sure you have sufficient NTFS rights to create a new DATA_?? folder under your Elliott root directory.

Typically, creating a new company requires a lot of setup steps.  If the new company shares some common information with an existing company, then it might be best to copy certain database files to speed up the process. If you need to do that, please speak to Netcellent support to help. 

Please also refer to the following related KB article:


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