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Presales Posting

Release Date: 3/1/24
Version: 8.6 and Above

Presales Posting will move Presales Transactions to Presales Pending. This can be done either after performing the import or manually adding the Presales Transactions. Presales posting will cause the following to take place:

After the presales transactions are posted, they will become inventory for the presale’s locations. Hence salesmen can create orders for the presale’s locations’ inventory. The functionality should be similar to PO Warehouse Receiving Posting. The difference is instead of updating the regular inventory locations, the application will update the Presales inventory locations defined in Global Setup. However, since presales transaction posting is not the real receiving, there are several areas that are not updated. For example:

  • Presales locations are configured not to use multi-bin so multi-bin tables are not updated.
  • The lot serial history file is not updated.
  • The inventory average cost and last cost should not be updated because this is not a real receiving.
  • The PO and Vendor files should not be updated after the posting because this is not the real receiving.
The primary intention of this posting is to update presales inventory quantities so the items can be presold. Because Elliott needs to reconcile the inventory stock status report with GL, the application will still update the GL distribution for the inventory side (the debit side) which is based on I/M Material Cost Type Location Account File Setup. A default account number is supported in Presales Interface Global Setup if no account has been set up specifically for the presales locations. The credit side is based on the special receiving accrual account per Global Setup for Presales. Posting Presales transactions will not update the PO Receiving Accrual reconciliation account because there will be nothing to reconcile.

Posting will also perform the following:
The Presales transaction data will be moved to the corresponding Presales Pending database.
Vessel basic information will be moved to Pending vessel file.

Starting Vendor - Enter the starting vendor number. F7/F8 searches are supported. Enter spaces for All.
Ending Vendor - Enter the ending vendor number. F7/F8 searches are supported.
Starting P.O. - Enter the starting purchase order number. Enter spaces for All.
Ending P.O.  - Enter the ending purchase order number.
Vessel Number - Enter the vessel number to post. Press F1 for all vessels. F7/F8 searches are supported.

An event is triggered on a successful posting.

Description: Recv Presales Item
Var 1: Item Number
Var 2: Item Description 1
Var 3: Item Description 2
Var 4: Qty Received
Var 5: New Qty On Hand
Var 6: Location
Var 7: Allocated Qty
Var 8: Back Ordered Qty
Var 9: Old Qty On Hand  
Var 10: Item/Inv Bin No.

An event is also triggered when the Presales pending quantities are updated. This happens during Presales Transaction Posting and Warehouse Receiving Posting.

Description: Pending Item
Var 1: Item Number
Var 2: Item Description 1
Var 3: Item Description 2
Var 4: PO No.
Var 5: Qty Received
Var 6: Location

After posting, the inventory will reside in the Presales location and orders can be entered for the quantity.

If the items are serialized, the serial lot transaction file is also updated for the Presales location.


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