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Does Elliott Count DEFER User Licenses?

Release Date: 02/08/2024
Version: 7.x - 8.6

Q - I am running out of the PSQL user licenses.  I have 20 Elliott user licenses and 20 PSQL user licenses. Is there a way to tell what other applications are using the PSQL engine and how often that happens? For example, on the server, we set up the Deferred Processing task a few months ago logging in with the DEFER user name for Elliott but I don’t see that on the Active User list in Elliott. Is that using one of the PSQL licenses but not necessarily an Elliott license? I want to make sure I understand what is using each license so I can make a recommendation for how many additional licenses to buy. I appreciate your help!

A - At this moment, we let Elliott Defer Processing run without using an Elliott license. But the Defer Processing will use a PSQL license. Maybe that’s the issue causing you to run out of PSQL licenses.  To find out all the sessions that may take up a PSQL license, please see the following KB article:


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