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Feature - Terminate ACH Account with Reference Check

Release Date: 2/28/24
Version: 8.5  & Up

If a user should terminate an ACH account, the system will now notify the user if they have pending payments or open orders attached to the ACH account they are terminating. ACH features is an add-on feature. If you are not licensed to use ACH features and would like to use it in your operations, please contact Netcellent for support.

To terminate an ACH account, open Elliott and go to Accounts Receivable > Maintenance > Customer File. From there, select a customer (usually via the Change tab) and access the Special Functions tab, either by clicking the fx symbol or by pressing Ctrl + F (special function).

For this example, we will terminate a test ACH account called "Termination Test."

From here, select field 5, type T to terminate, and then press Enter.

At this stage, there are currently three possible notifications that will trigger when terminating an ACH account:

1. "This ACH account is being used by Order #XXXXXX."

  • This notification will trigger if there is an order from Order Entry that has not been posted. To handle this, you may assign a different ACH account to this order. To do this, go to Customer Order Processing > Processing Order Entry. From there, access Change. Enter the Order Number and access the Billing Information screen. From there, access the Amount Paid field to bring up the Payment Window. From there, you can change the ACH account that the order is assigned to. Alternatively, you can change the order to a different payment type.
2. "This ACH Acct is being used by Cash Trx Doc #XXXXXX."

  • This notification will trigger if there are cash receipts that have not been posted. To fix this, delete your cash receipts and re-enter a different cash receipt transaction.
3. "There are still XXX records on file being used by SYACHQUE."

  • This notification will trigger if you have open transactions in Accounts Receivable > Processing > ACH Queue/History. This usually will occur after you have posted your ACH cash receipts but are terminating your ACH account before you have created a NACHA file. To resolve this, create the NACHA file for the ACH transactions in ACH Queue/History. If you know for sure that this ACH account will not work, you can choose to edit the NACHA file. If you need assistance with editing the NACHA file, please speak to Netcellent for support.
If all proceeds without any notification, then there are no open orders associated with the ACH account and you can proceed to type in a reason for termination.



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