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Feature - Suppress Sending Record 7 When Creating NACHA File

Release Date: 2/29/24
Version: 8.5 and Above

Currently, Elliott supports ACH payments in the AR and COP modules. ACH processing is an add-on feature. If you are using Elliott's ACH processing, you now have the option to suppress record 7 when creating NACHA files. Record 7 is for addenda that store reference information like invoice numbers. Some banks do not support record 7, and hence, we add a new Global Setup flag to allow you to suppress it. To access this feature, go to your Global Setup in System Utilities > Utility > Global Setup. From there, access add-Ons > ar aCh processing, and open the second ACH Processing screen by pressing Enter. Field 12 will contain an entry, "12. Send NACHA File Record 7 (Addenda)?"

Field 12 is "Y" by default. If you want to suppress Record 7 when creating NACHA files, change the flag in field 12 to "N." Upon creation, all of Record 7 will be excluded from the NACHA file.



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