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What Is Work Order Plus And Where Can I Find The Documentation

Work Order Plus is part of Elliott's total manufacturing solution introduced with Elliott V7.5.  All traditional manufacture functions are implemented with Work Order Plus or some other feature in Elliott:
  • Material Requirement Planning - ATP (Available to Promise)
  • Master Scheduling - COP Sales Forecasting
  • Job Costing - Work Order Plus (Real Time Costing)
  • Shop Floor Control - Work Order Plus 
  • Labor Performance - Work Order Plus (automatic time clock)
  • Standard Product Costing - Work Order Plus
  • Standard Product Routing - Work Order Plus
  • Capacity Requirement Planning - Work Order Plus Rough Cut Report
We recommend that all Elliott manufacturing users start using Work Order Plus.  You quickly find out that Work Order Plus is powerful yet easy to use.  There is much less data entry needed with Work Order Plus due to the automatic time clock integration.

All Elliott electronic documents can be found in your <root>\doc folder where <root> is your Elliott installation directory, such as M:\Elliott7. There you will find documentation like the following:
  • AP.PDF - Accounts Payable
  • AR.PDF - Accounts Receivable
  • BB.PDF - Bank Book
  • BM.PDF - Bill of Material and Work Order Processing
  • CP.PDF - Customer Order Processing
  • GL.PDF - General Ledger
  • IM.PDF - Inventory Manageent
  • PO.PDF - Purchase Order
  • PR.PDF - Payroll
  • SM.PDF - System Manager

These are the module-level documents.  The Work Order Plus documentation files begin with "WO," and you should see the following:

  • WO Plus Advanced Feature Manual.pdf
  • WO Plus Getting Started.pdf
  • WO Plus Management Manual.pdf
  • WO Plus Setup Manual.pdf
  • WO Plus Shop Manual.pdf

We suggest you begin with the "WO Plus Getting Started.pdf" documentation.

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