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Elliott Running Extremely Slow on Windows 8 with Trend Micro Anti Virus Software Installed

We have received reports from our users that Elliott may run extremely slow on Windows 8 with Trend Micro anti-virus software installed.  This happens with both Elliott V7.5 and 8.0.  When the Trend Micro anti-virus software is disabled, Elliott performance returns to normal.  The interesting part of this issue is that Elliott runs normally on Windows 7, even though the same Trend Micro anti-virus software is running.  We believe this is an issue with Trend Micro.

If you do not wish to disable the Trend Micro anti-virus software, there are reports from users that if they "white list" certain EXE files in the Elliott folder, the problem can be resolved.  We have received information that white listing EL700.EXE and EL700US.EXE in the Elliott root folder with Trend Micro corrects the performance issue. Make sure you do so on the Trend Micro anti-virus software server so your settings will be retained.  We have not confirmed if this is sufficient in all cases.  For Elliott 7.5, we suggest that you white list all <root>\*.EXE files where <root> refers to your Elliott installation folder, such as "M:\Elliott7."  For Elliott 8.0, white list all <root>\bin\*.EXE files in Trend Micro.

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