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How to Process a Force Credit Card Transaction?

In Elliott, we support the following type of credit card transactions:

  • Sales
  • Refund
  • Void
  • PreAuth
  • Complete
  • Force

Force is a special transaction in credit card processing.  You will use the force credit card transaction when you can't get authorization the normal way. This can be, for example, when the credit card charge amount is large and the credit card company wants to talk to the merchant over the phone before authorizing the transaction.  There are other reasons as well. Over the phone, if it is approved, the credit card company will give an approval number.  Now you need to charge the credit card transaction as a "Force" transaction in order to get through.

You will need to go to A/R -> Processing -> Credit Card Transaction Handle, and add a credit card transaction.  In field "5. Trx Type", choose "F" for "Force."  Then, in field "21. Approval No," enter the approval number you receive from the credit card company over the phone, and then press F4.  Normally, you do not enter any value into field "21. Approval No" field. When you press the F4 key, the approval number will be returned to that field automatically.  In a "Force" transaction, you will have to enter the approval number first, before you press the F4 key.

Force transactions are only supported in A/R Credit Card Transaction Handle.  You can't process a Force transaction on the Order Billing Screen, Sales Desk, A/R Summary Account Inquiry or any other area.

After you successfully interface with your credit card payment gateway through the F4 key, you still need to post this credit card transaction in Elliott before it will show up on the A/R side. Then you can apply the payment to order or invoice from there.

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