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Can I Contact an Individual Support Engineer Directly?

We prefer that you submit a support ticket on rather than attempting to contact a support person directly, When you submit a support ticket, everyone in the support department gets a copy of your question through e-mail. That will be a benefit to you since more people will have visibility to your question. Some of your questions may be appropriate for your preferred person to address, but some may be better answered by other people.

Also, when you submit a support ticket at our portal, and enter the subject of your request, the system will dynamically perform a Knowledge Base search to match the keywords in your subject.  If there is a “canned” answer, you will find your solution right away.  As of the date that this article was written, we are still in the early stages of building up the Knowledge Base on this platform.  Submitting your questions through this support portal will help us to build an in-depth Knowledge Base for the future.

You may continue to email, but that's not our preferred method. What we don't want you to do is to e-mail a particular person directly because that bypasses the support system entirely and becomes less manageable for all of us. Of course, if you have any urgent issues that need to be resolved, you are always welcome to give us a call and reach your preferred person if he/she is the proper person to handle your issue. 

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