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Payware PC Server Actively Refuses Credit Card Transaction

Q: When I process a credit card transaction in Elliott, I receive a message indicating the server is actively refusing the network traffic connection.  As a result, the credit card processing fails.  But if I go to the Payware PC credit card server, I can manually process the credit card transaction there.  What went wrong?

A: This is most likely caused by the firewall that blocks the network traffic. The firewall can be a physical firewall, or the Windows Firewall, if enabled. You can test this condition easily by entering the following command at the command prompt:
    telnet pwpc-server 4532
(where pwpc-server is the machine name where your Payware PC is installed). Substitute that with the actual Payware PC server name or its corresponding IP address.  4532 is the default TCP port used by Payware PC software.

If the connection is successful, you will see that the screen is cleared.  If the connection is not successful, you will see a message like:
     Connecting to pwpc-server...Could not open connection to the host, on port 4532:Connect failed.
If you do see this Connect failed message, it is most likely a firewall issue. You should talk to your IT department and request to open the port 4532 on the pwpc-server.

In Windows 7 and later versions, the telnet program is not installed by default. You will need to go to Control Panel, choose "Add Windows Feature," and add "Telnet Client" to use the telnet command.

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