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Is There a Way to Create and Distribute Elliott Printer Configurations?

We can't see a way to implement your requested feature in Elliott. Here are the reasons:

  • In Elliott's printer configuration, we store the printer DevMode information. DevMode is printer-driver specific. You can specify all sorts of fancy options with DevMode, including which tray to go to, or features like duplex printing, etc.
  • In a network environment, it is a certainty that not all workstations will have the same printer driver installed. Even if you have a generic printer driver installed on all workstations, such as HP Laserjet 5, there's no guarantee they are all on the same version.
  • We can't share DevMode information across different Windows workstations because we can't guarantee printer driver consistency throughout all your workstations.

As a matter of fact, from time to time you'll see a printer configuration greyed out. One of the common reasons for this is because the local printer drivers have been updated, or a dependent DLL module is changed (such as Post Script components, which is part of your Windows update). In a situation like that, your only option is to delete the greyed out printer configuration and add it again.

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