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Is There a Way to Pull All Manual GL Entries Out of Elliott?

Elliott has no predefined report to do this. We suggest you use the Export Processor as follows:

  1. On the first tab labeled Category, choose "GL Transaction file"; 
  2. On the 2nd tab labeled Selection, choose GL_TRX_SOURCE between (BT) GJ0000 to GJ9999, GL_TRX_DATE Between (BT) YYYYMMDD YYYYMMDD (i.e., 20140101 ~ 20140630, which means 01/01/14 - 06/30/14).  This is the internal date format as stored in Elliott and you must use this format to retrieve your records in the specified date range;
  3. On the 3rd tab labeled Process, click "Get Records" button;
  4. On the 5th tab labeled Export, select the columns you wish to see.  
Refer to the screens below as your examples. You may want to save the configuration you used in the Export Processor for future use.

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