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Opn Ord Pick/Inv Amt Calculation Issue

The traditional way of determining a customer's available credit is by using the following calculation:
    Avail Credit = Credit Limit - Acct Balance
A more accurate way is to consider the order amount that has been printed with a pick ticket or invoice, since that amount will soon become part of the  Acct Balance.  In Global Setup -> cop-Ctl -> Credit Check & Release, you'll find the following flag:
    9. Include Pic/Inv Amount In Credit Check

If this flag is set to "Y," then the Avail Credit is calculated as:
    Avail Credit = Credit Limit - Acct Balance - Pick/Inv Amt
...where Pick/Inv Amt comes from field "76. Open Ord Pic/Inv Amt," as in the next example.

There is a utility in A/R -> Processing -> Age Customer Accounts, where the user may answer "Y" to "6. Set Customer Pic/Inv Amount?"  This will cause the utility to recalculate "76. Open Ord Pick/Inv Amt" in the customer file.

Recently, there was a report that in some situations the pick ticket amount is calculated incorrectly.  In this scenario, a particular order has two line items, but only one line was printed on the pick ticket due to a different promise date existing for each of these two line items.  The field "76. Opn Ord Pick/Inv Amt" was updated correctly when the pick ticket was printed.  However, when the "Age Customer Accounts" utility was run, both line items on the pick ticket were included.  This scenario is confirmed and considered to be a limitation of the utility.

The main reason we have this limitation is because when the system tries to recalculate the pick ticket amount, there is no clear indication which line item was on the pick ticket and which one was not.  Luckily, this limitation is usually not a problem because once a pick ticket is printed, it should be processed for billing selection, invoice printing and posting.  As long as the utility is run after billing selection, invoice printing or posting, this should not be an issue.  We typically suggest that users run "Age Customer Accounts" overnight using the deferred processing feature after invoice posting, so this will not be a problem.

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