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How to Print a Wider Financial Statement

One of our customers recently asked how to print a financial statement with wider margins. They were attempting to print a P&L Statement with comparative year columns, but the comparative year was truncated. They tried using a smaller font, but it didn't help.

The Financial Statement is a complicated design, and the width will change depending on whether you add Budget, Comparative, Variance,  Percentage, or other columns. The standard width of the report is 132 characters, but the more columns you add, the greater the chance that you'll exceed the standard width.

Solution: The system stores report printing specifications in the EL700S.CFG file. However, the system allows users to define their own printing specifications in a file called EL700U.CFG, so the information contained in the original EL700SCFG file can be overridden when the user enters different specifications in the new file.

1. Copy the EL700S.CFG file to create a new file called EL700U.CFG.

2. Preserve the "Reports-Width" section in the new EL700U.CFG file, and delete the rest of contents.

3. Change the number of characters listed with  "PLSTMT" (P&L Statement) from 132 to 180. You may expand to 240 if it is necessary.

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