General Journal Transaction Out Of Balance After Interface with AR

Customer question: While I was interfacing with AR, someone posted a cash receipt payment. Now my interface is out of balance. Can I just delete the transactions and then re-interface?

Answer: If you interface once a month, yes, you may delete the General Journal Transaction then Re-Interface (field # 6 = Y).

If not, here are some other steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Print GJ Transaction Edit List and get out of balance on the last page (i.e., $100.00DR)
  2. Print AR Distribution to GL Report (field # 10. Interface to GL Status? = “N”) and get out of balance on the last page (i.e., $100.00CR) If (1) + (2) = 0 then we know the out-of-balance portion still stay in the AR Distribution file.
  3. Ideally, you should perform the following interface and posting steps:
    1. Turn on “Allow out of balance posting” flag on GL setup (field # 1 = Y).
    2. Post AR Interface (Allow out of Balance Post = Y).
    3. Interface with AR the same as you've normally done before. The system will interface the rest of the un-interfaced portion to GL from AR. Of course, it is out of balance. Go ahead and post (with out of balance = Y).
    4. After posting, run Trial Balance to see if it is in balance.

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