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How Can I Get a List of New Vendors Set Up Since a Certain Date?

Q: Is there a table within Elliot that will show when a new vendor was set up in the system? We have a request from our corporate office to provide a list of all new vendors set up in 2014. I was hoping there is a table with a field that contains this information so I can run a query from the tables.

A: Yes, there is a table for this purpose. It is APVENADT (A/P Vendor Audit Trail). You can use the following sample SQL statement to retrieve the data you need:
      SELECT * FROM APVENADT WHERE v_aud_date >= 20140101 and v_aud_action = 'A'
You can also go into Elliott, A/P -> Reports -> Vendor Audit Trail Report, and pick the proper range. The Vendor Audit Trail Report will result in showing both Add and Change records, so if you know how to access the data in the APVENADT table through ODBC directly, it might suit your needs better. It's possible that your Vendor Audit Trail feature is not turned on.  In that case, you will need to go to A/P -> Util-Setup -> A/P Setup, and change the following flag to "Y":
    17. Keep Vendor File Audit Trail ?
This won't retroactively create the vendor audit trail record for you.  But in the future, as a vendor is added or changed, an audit trail record will be written to APVENADT for future reporting.

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