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How Do You Purge Quote Type Orders?

A: What is the best way to purge quote orders up to 12/31/13 ?  I thought one way is to delete Q orders from the CPORDHDR table by using PSQL Control Center and then run the utility to delete orphan lines. 

Q: The best way is to accomplish this task is to go to COP -> Processing -> Purge Posted Orders -> Purge -> Posted Orders. Answer "Q" to 

    Purge Quote Type Orders ? 

The possible values are: 

    Y = Purge Quote (& Posted Orders Will Be Purged Too)
    N = Do Not Purge Quote
    Q = Purge Quote Only

After you purge the quote type orders, they will be moved to "Order History" so you can still see them through Order History Inquiry without losing the information. In the meantime, your open order database will become smaller and faster (if you perform a Pervasive Rebuild on CPORD*.BTR files). 

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