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Does Elliott Support Desktop Virtualization?

Q: Do you have clients that have gone the desktop virtualization route with the current V7.54? Has that been smooth? Any issues with multiple printers? Things to watch out for to give us a head's up?

A: We do have users that have implemented desktop virtualization. The implementation is for the Windows 7 desktop.  Generally speaking, it works.  But there are some issues that you should be aware:

  • Users complain that running Elliott reports on a virtual desktop is much slower than running on a physical workstation. In some situations, it can be 5 to 10 times slower. We are not sure of the reason behind that yet.
  • With a virtual desktop, you can't use the raw data pass through printing method anymore (i.e., you can't print to LPT1, LPT2 directly using a virtual desktop).  So you have to retire all your dot matrix printers with the printed forms and convert to Elliott's Laser Form.  Generally speaking, you will use laser printers or injection printers when you switch to a virtual desktop.

While the virtual server is a mature and widely used technology, virtual desktops are still in their infancy.

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