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Access Is Denied When Launching Elliott V8 Report Viewer

Q - In Elliott V8, when I try to print the report to screen by using the Elliott Report Viewer, I receive an "Error: Access is Denied" message, like the one shown on Screen 1 below.  On the other hand, if I print the report and view it with Notepad, it works.  Is there something wrong with my Elliott Report Viewer?

A - The likely cause of this problem is that the EL800RV.EXE file has a "blocked" attribute.  If you use Windows Explorer and navigate to this file -- in this case, it is M:\Elliott7\Bin\EL800RV.EXE -- right click on the file and bring up the "Properties."  You will see that this file has the "blocked" security warning at the bottom of the "General" tab  (see Screen 2 below).  Just click on the "Unblock" button and "Apply" the change.  Then this problem will be resolved.

In the bigger picture, you may ask why this "block" is there in the first place. In the later version of Internet Explorer or Firefox, when you download a file such as a ZIP file, it can potentially flag this file as unsafe with this "blocked" attribute.  If you proceed to unzip the file, then all the files that are unzipped will carry this attribute.  Just FYI, at this moment, we distribute Elliott V8 through the following two download links:
Not all users will get this blocked attribute when they download files from us. For example, if you use an older OS (such as Windows 2003 or Windows XP), then you may not get this problem.  Also, if you add to your trusted web sites or local/intranet zone, then you don't have this problem either.  Furthermore, it is possible for you to disable the file download zone information.  See the following article:
and look for the "Do not preserve zone information in file attachments" section.

If this "blocked" attribute does apply to your environment, your best strategy is to unblock the downloaded ZIP file first before you unzip it.  As long as you do that, then all the unzipped files will not have the "blocked" attribute.

Screen 1: The Error Message "Access Is Denied" When Report is Printed to Screen

Screen 2: EL800RV.EXE with "Blocked" Attribute

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