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How to Purge AP Distribution to GL Report

QWe need to purge A/P Distribution to G/L Report.  However, the user interface skips the field "2. Purge File?" and I can't change the default answer from "N" to "Y." I cannot find where -- in Global Setup, AP Setup, Global User's Security, etc. -- this is "stuck on" "N" and why I cannot change it to "Y."

A - This security is set in the feature "User Purge Control."  You can access the settings at  Global Setup -> System -> User Purge Control. User Purge Control controls a lot of purging functions. In many areas throughout Elliott, the purging function is implemented in the same standard report printing function.  You may want to allow users to use that report, but you are concerned that users might accidentally purge the data and cause irreversible damage.  That's where "User Purge Control" comes into play.  The following sample screen shows the type of purging that can be controlled by this feature:

You will normally leave these flags set to "N."  When you are ready to perform the purge, set this flag to "Y," then proceed with the purge.  Once you finish the purge, you will set the corresponding flags back to "N" to ensure security.  Since most users should not have access to Global Setup, this control is secure.

The following is a list of purge functions that can be controlled by this feature:

  • BOMP Distribution to G/L Report
  • BOMP Engineering Change History Report
  • BOMP Production Transaction History Report
  • BOMP Audit Trail Report
  • AR Distribution to GL Report
  • AP Distribution to GL Report
  • IM Item History Report
  • IM Item Audit Trail Report
  • IM Location Audit Trail Report
  • IM Transaction Audit Trail Report
  • IM Distribution to GL Report
  • COP Backorder Audit Trail Report
  • PO Purchase Line Item History Report
  • PO Receiving Audit Trail History Report
  • GL Interface from Other Packages
  • GL Journal History Report
  • Job Analysis Report (AR, AP, PR, IM)
  • AR Adjustment Audit Report
  • Job Distribution Report (AP, PR, BOMP)
  • AP Vendor Audit Trail Report
  • AP Check Reconciliation Report
  • COP Sales History Transaction

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