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User Cannot See Some Spooled Reports in Elliott V8

Q - One of my users can't see some spooled reports in Elliott V8.0 Spooled Report Managers.  Other users have no problem seeing those reports.  I already gave this user the right to "2. Access Other Users' Spooled Reports" in Global User Security.

The particular spooled reports she can't see are in Elliott V7 format.  But this user has no problem seeing those reports in Elliott V7 Spooled Report Manager -- she just can't see it in V8.  Do you have separate security control flags for V8 that I need to set?

A - Elliott V7 and V8 use the same set of security control flags.  So this issue is not caused by Elliott's application security settings.

In Elliott V8.0, the Spooled Report Manager has the "Filter" feature users can add to limit the items to display in the list view.  Make sure the user does not use the filter.  See sample screen below.  If the user does use the filter, either remove the filter or "uncheck" the filter to disable it.

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