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Btrieve Error USE on COP Lock File

Q - Today, for whatever reason, we experienced a large amount of locking issues in the warehouse.  Several times today we ran into the problem with printing invoices where we received a message "Btrieve Error USE on COP Lock File," and it stops everyone else from printing invoices after performing shipping verification.  Everyone was locked up for a minute, then it cleared up.  We cannot figure out exactly which user has the lock though. Please see the error message below:

A - If an Elliott user is in the regular invoice printing mode (COP -> Processing -> Print Invoice), then all other areas that try to print invoices at the same time, including shipping verification, will receive this error message.  So if you have multiple users printing invoices at the same time, whoever performs the batch invoice printing needs to watch out for the timing and make sure to exit immediately when done. Here is how it works:
  • If you choose COP -> Processing -> Print Invoice, the system will lock the COP Lock File (CPLCKFIL.DAT in DATA folder).  COP Lock File is a way to tell other users to stay out of invoice printing to prevent potential conflict.  With the way the batch invoice printing code is written, the system must do this to prevent conflict. Other Accounts Receivable application will also create the lock file. These include: Sales & Dr/CR Memo Processing and Service Invoice Processing.
  • On the other hand, if a user is performing invoice printing from shipping verification, this type of printing one invoice at a time will not lock the COP Lock File.  But the system will check to see if the COP Lock File is locked.  If it is, you will get this error.

So the conclusion is you can have multiple users performing the “Print One Invoice” (printing invoices through Shipping Verification) type of processing simultaneously.  But as soon as a user chooses to print batch invoices (COP -> Processing -> Print Invoice), it will lock other users from invoice printing.  So whoever performs batch invoice printing needs to watch out for the timing and make sure to exit immediately when done.  If you should receive this error, you can find out who lock the CPLCKFIL.DAT by referring to the following KB article:

The following are areas in Elliott that can perform the "Print One Invoice" function without locking up the COP Lock File:

  • COP Billing Selection -> Print Immediately Invoice
  • Order Entry to enter "I" or "C" type of order -> Print Immediately Invoice
  • Shipment Confirmation -> Print Immediately Invoice
  • Sales Desk -> Print Invoice (Point of Sales mode)
  • Shipping Verification -> Print Invoice
  • Print One Invoice
  • Print Duplicate Invoice from Invoice History

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