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How the Windows Scheme You Choose May Affect the Elliott Screen Display

Q - In some areas of Elliott, the message that displays on the bottom line is often unreadable because of the window placement. See example below. How can we see the message?

A - This is often due to the Windows scheme you choose.  For example, if your operating systems is Windows 7 and you choose the "Windows 7 Basic" scheme, then Windows OS will put an extra border around each desktop window.  This extra border will cause the placement issue as shown in the above example. Not all areas in Elliott have this issue.  If it is a problem for you, we suggest that you change to the "Windows Classic" scheme.  See example below:

After you change to the Windows Classic scheme, you will find the same Elliott window does not cover the bottom line because the Windows Classic scheme does not have the extra border.  See example below:

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