Is There a Way to Export and Import Price Code Files?

QIs there a way to export and import price code files?  We would like to be able to edit price code information on a spreadsheet (CSV) if such a feature is available.

A - Yes, there is such a feature in Elliott.  It can be accessed from COP -> Maintenance -> Future Price Maintenance.  

Future Price Screen Global Setup

Before you start to use this feature, please check the Global Setup -> COP_Func -> Future Price Screen.  See the sample screen below:

In Future Price Maintenance, it breaks down into two categories:
  • Item Future Price: Global Setup Flags 1 - 5 and 10 - 11
  • Price Code Future Price: Global Setup Flags 6 - 9
For price code exporting and importing purposes, we suggest setting up flags 7 and 9 as "Y" so that the CSV file will have a header row to make it easy to edit in the spreadsheet.

Export Price Code

To export a price code, please go to COP -> Maintenance -> Future Price Maintenance -> Price Code -> Export -> Price Code.

Accept or enter the path and file name to export.  You must specify the file name extension as CSV.  In the 2nd field "Future Price Code Type," you can specify one price code at a time to export.  If you use multiple price codes, then export them individually.

For field "5. Create Effective Date?," if you know when the new pricing will take place, then answer "Y" and enter the effective date.  Otherwise, answer "N."

Once the CSV file is exported, you may edit your price code data in an Excel spreadsheet.  Below is an example of Price Code 3 (Customer Type/Item No) CSV:

If you wish to delete a price code, you can specify "X" in the column "Pricing-Basis" to indicate the deletion.

 If your item number is numeric and starts with zero, then there's a potential issue where Excel will drop the leading zero by default.  In that case, you don't want to open the CSV file directory.  Instead, choose "Import" and specify the item number column as a string to preserve the leading zeroes.

Normally, we suggest that you save the CSV file as an Excel file and make your editing in the Excel file only.  Only when you are ready to import the file back to Elliott, then save it as a CSV file as the last step.

Import Future Price Code

To import the price code CSV file, please go to COP -> Maintenance -> Future Price Maintenance -> Price Code -> Import.  You have two choices here:
  • Pre-Import-Edit-List: You should use this function to check your CSV to see if there are any errors. If there are errors, please fix them and try this step again.
  • Import-Register: Once there are no errors with "Pre-Import,"  you may use this step to import the price code.
Below is an example of "Pre-Import-Edit-List."  If you export the price code with an effective date, then you can leave field "2. Effective Date" blank. Otherwise, you should specify an effective date in this field:

Keep in mind that the price code you import through "Import-Register" does not update the price code file directly.  Instead, it is imported to the Future Price Code file.  You may check the data in the Future Price Code file by using the following two functions:
  • COP -> Maintenance -> Future Price Maintenance -> Price Code -> Maintenance
  • COP -> Maintenance -> Future Price Maintenance -> Price Code -> Edit List
If you wish to edit the Future Price Code you just imported, you can use the following function:
  • COP -> Maintenance -> Future Price Maintenance -> Price Code -> Export -> Future-Price
The difference between this function and Price Code Export is that Price Code Export retrieves the price code directly from the price code file.  Future-Price Export retrieves the price code from the Future Price Code file.  This can be valuable if you already use the Future Price Maintenance function to change the Future Price file.

Post Future Price Code

Once you are satisfied that the future price code data is correct, then all that's left is to wait for the future price effective date and post it.  You can't post the future price code earlier than the future price effective date.  Using the future price effective date to control the posting is important. Otherwise, the future price can prematurely update to your price code file and cause confusion.

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