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AP Check History Report That Includes Voided Check

Q - Is there a flag that would allow me to view all AP checks including voided checks and the original checks that were voided?.

A - Under A/P -> Reports -> Check History Report -> Print, there are three different kinds:
  1. Check History Report
  2. All Checks History Summary
  3. All Checks History Detail
You can see all check records, including the voided checks in 2 and 3 - All Checks History Reports.  The following are brief descriptions of these three different versions of Check History Reports:

Check History Report
This report is the legacy implementation of check history based on A/P Open Item table (APOPNFIL).  Since voided checks are not in A/P Open Item table, this report will not print voided checks.  Also, if the A/P Open Item table is purged (sometimes you do this to get rid of old fully paid vouchers), then you will not see those purged checks on this report either.  See sample report below:

All Checks History Summary
This report is based on the new table APCHKHST. We introduced this table in October 2014 because we realized the limitations of the legacy check history report.  All checks print, including:
  • Those voided because multiple check forms are required for check stubs.
  • Those voided after the check is posted.
Those voided checks are stored in this table. It is a complete history of all AP checks.  The summary version is printed by check number sequence with one line per check. See sample report below:

All Checks History Detail
Similar to "All Checks History Summary," this report is based on the new table APCHKHST.  The summary report will only print one line per check and is by the check number sequence.  The detail version prints by vendor number sequence. It will show the vendor name, as well as the voucher details of the check.  See sample report below:

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