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The Top Barcode Will Not Scan on Pick Ticket

QEverything scans OK on the sample pick ticket below except the bar code on top. Why? What does that bar code represent? Is it the order #097182?

A - You are correct, the top barcode on the pick ticket represents the order number. The reason it does not scan is because it is encoded with "interleave 2 of 5."  Most of the new barcode scanners nowadays require extra programming to support "interleave 2 of 5." On the other hand, almost all new barcode scanners support "Code 128" out of the box. Therefore, we suggest changing this barcode to "Code 128."

To change the pick ticket top barcode encoding scheme to "Code 128," please go to the pick ticket printing program. At the print option window, make sure the "Printer" destination is selected, and click the "Options" button.  See sample screen below.

In the "Appearance Options" window, select the "Pick Ticket W/Ord & Item# Barcode" template, or the template that's applicable to you, and click the "Edit Form" button.  See sample screen below.

In the "Elliott Laser Form Designer," go to the "Barcodes" tab, review each barcode entry.  If you see the encoding method of "Inter2of5," change it to "Code 128."  Then save it.  See sample screen below.

Now you are ready to print the pick ticket again and see if the top barcode can be scanned by your scanner.

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