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Still Get Error 114 After Adding All Elliott EXE Files to the DEP List

Q - We set a virtual machine to run terminal server RDP for all of our remote Elliott users.
I added all of the Elliott EXE files to the DEP (Data Execution Protection) list and still get the error message below. Any thoughts?

A - When you add Elliott EXE to this list, it is extremely important to match the path, even though the path is not displayed.  For example, if you run Elliott on the server from mapped drive M:\Elliott7, then you should add to the DEP exception list through the same mapped drive location.  Even though it's located on the server, a local drive like D:\Acct\Elliott7 or a UNC path may refer to the same location and EXE. You should not use that alternative path.  In a sense, it's misleading that Microsoft's DEP does not display the path in the exception list.  Matching the path exactly with the executing EXE is very important to address your DEP problem.

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