How Do I Remind Salesmen to Send Order Acknowledgment?

A - Some of my customers request that we automatically send them an order acknowledgment after they place an order with us.  How do I accomplish that?

Q - In Elliott, we have a solution to specifically address this kind of scenario:

(1) Go to Elliott Global Setup -> Cop-Func -> Print Order/Quote/RMA.  Go to field “4. Send Immediate Acknowledgement (Order Entry)?”  The possible answers are as follows.  You will choose “Y,” “E” or “P” to enable this feature. 
  • “Y” = Yes and this feature is enabled. 
  • “E” = Yes and default to e-mail order acknowledgment 
  • “P” = Yes and default to print order acknowledgment 
  • “N” = No and do not prompt to send immediate order acknowledgment 
See sample screen below:

(2) If you choose to print an order acknowledgment, you could either use the Legacy Order Acknowledgment or the Laser Form Order Acknowledgment.  The Legacy Order Acknowledgment does not require any setup. The Laser Form Order Acknowledgment can look very professional, but it will require setup, which will take sometime.  If you are not ready to set up the laser form, then answer "N" to "5. Print Order Acknowledgement Default with Form".  If you already have the laser form set up, answer “Y.” 

(3) If you answer “Y” to “5. Print Order Acknowledgement with Form,” then the system will prompt you to enter “Order Acknowledgement Form Number.”  The system is assuming that you have already set up a laser form for order acknowledgment, so please enter that form number here.  For instructions on how to set up an Order Acknowledgement Laser Form, you will need to give us a call to discuss this. 

(4) Once you are done with the Global Setup in “Print Order/Quote/RMA”  in steps 1 through 3 above, you may notice that when you finish entering an order, the system will prompt “Immediate Acknowledge (Email, Print, Both, No)?” See sample screen below.

(5) Since not all customers require you to send order acknowledgment, you can control this by going to each customer record. In the change mode, go to screen 2 and enter either “Y” or “N” to “46. Print Immed Ack.”  The default value is “Y.”  If the customer does not wish to receive an order acknowledgement, answer “N.”  See sample screen below.

(6) If those customers have “46. Print Immed Ack.” set to “N,” your users will not see the prompt in step 4 above. 

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