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How to Subscribe a Customer Event by Salesman?

Q - I was curious as to what would be involved to add the salesman's e-mail to the credit limit change event (CUSTCHGC). We would like to be able to e-mail the salesman in the future when we make a change to a customer's credit limit. Is there a way we can let the salesman's e-mail address show up as a system variable when right clicking the To, CC, or BCC fields? See sample screen below.

A - Many times when we create a particular event for a customer, we also create the same event for the salesman. That is the case for this CUSTCHGC event.

The way you will solve this problem is to go to Salesman File Maintenance, and bring up a salesman. Then click on the Event button to add event CUSTCHGS for this salesman. This event will only be triggered if the corresponding salesman's customer credit limit has been changed (providing you don't use "Subscribe to All"). So you will enter the corresponding salesman's e-mail address in the "To" e-mail address box. You will need to add this event to each salesman individually. Creating a template will help create the e-mail for each salesman.

If you have an eContact defined for each salesman, we can make this even easier. All you need to do is to add one event for any salesman.  Then use the "Subscribe to All" button.  Then in the "To" email address box, right click and choose system variables -> Primary eContact.  This way, you only need to add one event, instead of an individual event for each salesman.

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