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Report Incomplete After 4 Hours: Event Stops Working After Upgrade to Elliott V8

Q - I subscribe to an event so when there's a problem in deferred processing running overnight, I will receive an e-mail notification.  For example, if a deferred processing posting routine is waiting for a record lock to release and it waits for more than 4 hours, I will receive an e-mail to notify me about that.  See the sample screen below.  But after I upgraded to Elliott V8, this event does not work anymore. Why?

A - In Elliott 7.5, when you go to Global Setup and click on the event button, if you wish to subscribe to this "Defer Report Interruption" event, then the particular event program ID you would choose is “EL700DP.” See the sample screen below:

The content of the e-mail may look something like the following:

In Elliott V8, we didn’t want to use the same program ID “EL700DP” for this particular event since the name implies it is for V7 only. So we created a new event with the same functionality and the program ID NWSMDFRP, which is more generic without implying a version number. You need to subscribe to this new event to get the 4-hours-not-running event notification, as well as other deferred processing interruption events. See sample screen below:

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