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Frequently Asked Questions for Using Bank Book Module

Q #1 -- How important is the Check Reconciliation File from AP and PR when I want to use Bank Book?

A --  Regarding the AP and PR Check Reconciliation File, you must turn on the flag in the AP (AP Setup field # 3 = Y) and PR (PR Setup field # 18 = Y) setup file to get the checks to record in the Check Reconciliation File.  Otherwise, there would be no source of  AP/PR transactions coming into Bank Book to merge. 

Q # 2 -- What does the AR Cash Deposit record merge into Bank Book?

A -- A Bank Book Merge takes transactions out of the AR Distribution File, which relates to the Cash account in Bank Book. 

Q # 3 -- How do they get posted to the GL when the Bank Book Reconciliation creates Journal Entries for Interest and Service Fees?

A -- Yes, Bank Book will create General Journal Entries in GL, but you need to take one more step which is to "Post General Journal Transaction" in the GL module. 

Q# 4 -- Do we need to Merge GL transactions to Bank Book for related Cash transactions?

A -- No, General Journal Entries will merge into Bank Book automatically as long as the transaction has been posted.

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