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How to See Cost in BOMP Plus Work Order Production History Report

Q - In BOMP -> Reports -> Production History Report -> Print -> Plus Work Order, the prompt "12. Show Cost?" displays "N/A" and I can't access that field.  See sample screen below.

I go to Password Setup -> Global Security -> User Global Security, on the second screen, and see the following two flags:

          See Item Cost-Both This & Next Needed for Rpt
          See Item Cost For Hide Cost Product Category

They are both set to "Y."  See sample screen below.

So what is the reason I can't access the "Show Cost" field in the BOMP Plus WO Production History Report?

A - That's a very good question. The two user global security flags you mentioned are used to control the cost security in IM (Inventory Management), COP (Customer Order Processing), and to some extent the PO (Purchase Order) modules.

For BOMP Plus Work Orders, there are separate flags to control them.  You need to go to the same User Global Security area and go to screen 6, where you will find the following two flags:

         Allow User to See Labor Hourly Rate in BOMP
         Allow User See Item Cost with BOMP Plus WO

You need to answer "Y" for both of them in order for you to see BOMP Plus Work Order Production cost. See sample screen below.  

The first flag, "Allow User to See Labor Hourly Rate in BOMP," is intended to control whether or not the user can see the labor cost.  If a user can see a Plus Work Order labor cost, it will not be difficult to figure out the hourly rate of an operator, which can be sensitive information.

The second flag, "Allow User See Item Cost with BOMP Plus WO," is intended to control whether or not the user can see the material cost.  This may not be as sensitive as the first flag.

In the BOMP Plus Work Order Inquiry and other related inquiry screens, we can display the material cost and labor cost independently. However, when we print the cost on the report, we often can't make the differentiation between labor and material cost. Therefore, with the Plus Work Order related reports, the user must have both of these two flags set to "Y" before that cost can be printed on the report.

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