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Security Issue with Installing PSQL Client Remotely on User's Workstation

Q - I tried to install PSQL Client remotely on a user's workstation, when I received the following message:

          Pervasive PSQL requires administrative privileges or elevated privileges

See the following sample screen.

I recognize that this means I need to run the PSQL installation package as an administrator.  So I did a right click on the PSQL installation package and chose "Run as Administrator."  See sample screen below.

But I still got the exact same error message.  Why didn't the  "Run as administrator" option work?

A - As you know, installing PSQL Client requires administrator or equivalent privileges on that workstation. If you already logged in on the workstation as the administrator or an equivalent user, then the right click to "Run as Administrator" procedure should work.  

The issue is that when you help a user remotely, your user often does not have administrator rights to his or her workstation. Since you are trying to help the user through a remote access utility such as GoToSupport or TeamViewer, you are running in their security context.  In a scenario like this, it is not suitable for you to ask your user to log out and reveal your administrator account information to your user so he or she can login on your behalf.

In this case, the proper solution for you is to hold down the "Shift" key on your keyboard, and do a right click on your mouse for the PSQL installation package.  When you do this, one more option -- "Run as different user" -- will appear in the popup menu.  See sample screen below.

When you choose this "Run as different user" option, the system will prompt you for the username and password.  Enter the administrator or equivalent username and password.  See sample screen below. Then PSQL installation package will work.

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