What Do I Do With "Invoice Printed But Not OK" Orders?

Q - I have an issue with an invoice that will not post. In the Order Inquiry, it shows that it has been billed and an invoice number has been assigned. 

I tried to un-select this order and re-bill, but the system tells me that "Order Invoiced But Not OK" or "Order Already Invoiced." I went to the pre-post edit list and there is nothing there. I tried going to the Open Item File in A/R, and nothing is there. I can't figure out how to resolve the issue.

A - First, let me explain the cause for this special condition.  

Cause of this Condition

There's a flag, ORDER_SELECTION_CODE, in the Elliott order header table (CPORDHDR).  This flag may have the following values:
  • I - Incomplete - This means someone is either in the middle of creating this order, or changing this order. It signals that no one should touch this order to avoid causing conflict.
  • C - Complete - This is the normal condition for an "O" type of order. It means the order is complete and ready for further processing, like printing a pick ticket or changing the order if need be.
  • S - Selected - Once an order is selected for billing, it will have this status.  The order is now ready for an invoice to be printed. If it is an "I" (invoice) or "C" (credit memo) type of order, then it will have this status by default.
  • N - Invoice Printed But Not OK - When Elliott prints an invoice for an order, it will first assign this status to the order.  At the end of the invoice printing, the system will ask, "Are Invoice Just Printed OK?"  If you answer "Y," then it changes the status to "X," which means the invoice printed.  If you answer "N," then it changes the status to "S."  So this status is temporary.
  • X - Invoice Printed - Once the invoice printed is OK, the value  changes from "N" to "X," and now the invoice is ready for posting.
  • Z - Invoice Posted - Once the invoice is posted, the status changes to "Z," and this order is protected, which means you can't make any further change to the order other than purging it from the system.
As you can see, the "N" status is a temporary situation that only exists in the middle of invoice printing.  Now let's imagine a user is in the middle of printing an invoice.  For whatever reason, the system locks up.  An order with an "N" status may never change to "X" or "S" because of the lockup.  When this happens, it can cause the above scenario.

What Do I Do with this Condition?

There are possible two solutions: (1) Print a duplicate invoice, or; (2) Void the invoice and re-print it.

Print Duplicate Invoice
You may go to COP -> Processing -> Print Invoice.  Choose to print only this one order and answer "Y" to "Print Duplicate Invoices?"  See sample screen below:

When you choose to do so, the original invoice number that was assigned to this order will be unchanged.

Void Invoice and Re-Print Invoice
You can also go to COP -> Util-Setup -> Void Invoice to void the invoice status of this order.  After that, you can print the invoice for this order in the normal way.  If you choose to do so, then a new invoice number will be assigned to this order.

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