General Journal Transaction In Balance But Not Able to Post

Q -  My General Journal Transaction screen, Session ID, shows that the total debit and credit amounts are in balance.  See sample screen below.

But when I print the General Journal Edit List, it shows that they are out of balance.  In addition, I can't post the general journal session.  Is  my general journal session in balance or out of balance.  Why did this happen?

A -  Generally speaking, you should trust the details over the summary.  In this case, you should trust the Edit List details more than the Session ID when it comes to total debit and credit amounts. The Session ID total amount accumulation may not be correct due to a computer error or power outage.  The following outlines how to resolve this problem.

1. Rename Session File from data folder -- For example, our Elliott data is stored in the M:\ELLIOTT7\DATA folder. You should rename the session file from "GLIDFIL.BTR" to "GLIDFIL.OLD." Make sure no one is working in the GL module while you are renaming the session file.
2. Initialize Session ID file -- In the Elliott main menu, Util-Setup -> File Utilities -> Initialize -> General Ledger files -> Second-menu -> "G/L Session ID File - GLIDFIL". The system will then create a new blank Session ID file in the database.
3. Go back to GL -> Processing -> General Journal Transaction Processing -> Change mode. The system will notice that the GLIDFIL table is empty and  rebuild it based on the details in the General Journal Trx table. As a result, you will see the Session ID showing the corrected total debit and credit amount is out of balance at the bottom of screen. The difference is the same as the Edit List Report that ran previously. You may continue entering or revising existing entries until the session is in balance.  Then you may proceed to post.

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