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How to Debug Elliott Installation with a Log File When It Fails

Q - When I install the Elliott update package to a network share like M:\Elliott7, it always ends up with a message asking me to reboot my machine. If I reboot my workstation per the instructions in the installation package, it doesn't update all Elliott components.  I have been told that's because some files in the network share M:\Elliott7 and its sub-directory are open so the installation shield can't update those files successfully.  But I have looked at the server console for shared folder open files, and I don't see any open files.  How can I resolve this issue?

A - In a situation like this, we suggest that you run the Elliott installation package with the log file option.  For example, if you run the Elliott V7.5 update, the installation package name is ELI75UP.EXE.  You will use the following command:
    eli75up.exe /v"/l*v \"path_to_long_file\""
    eli75up.exe /v"/l*v \"c:\temp\inst.log\""
As a result, a log file will be generated at the specified path.  In addition, you will have a chance to open the log file at the end of the installation.  See sample screen below.

View the log files to determine what files are opened and would cause the installation problem.

Just as an FYI, if you have any files open locally on the server, even if those files are opened through the network share, Windows may retain the open files even if you close those locally opened files through the share folders open files interface.

To find out which users are running Elliott directly on the PSQL server, you can bring up the "Task Manager" on the server console and try to locate the Elliott-related processes.

For Elliott 7.x, look for these processes:
  • EL700.EXE - Elliott main process
  • EL700DP.EXE - Elliott defer process
  • EL700RP.EXE - Elliott report process launch from defer processing
  • EL700US.EXE - Elliott license user process
For Elliott 8.x, look for these processes:
  • EL800.EXE - Elliott V8 control center process
  • EL800P.EXE - Elliott V8 individual task process
  • EL800DP.EXE - Elliott V8 defer process
  • EL800RP.EXE - Elliott V8 report process launch from defer processing
  • EL800RV.EXE - Elliott report viewer process
  • EL800US.EXE - Elliott V8 license user process
If you see any of the above EXE processes in your Elliott PSQL server console, then it implies you have users running Elliott directly on the PSQL server and their Elliott sessions are not closed, which can create problems when running an Elliott installation update.  See a sample screen of the Windows Task Manager showing the Elliott V7 or V8 processes below. These are Elliott processes run directly on the server console, or RDP (Remote Desktop) sessions. 

You also have the option to reboot the server to force the closing of all open files.

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