I Receive "A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception" Message During Credit Card Processing

Q - I received the following error message when I tried to process a credit card transaction in Elliott:

A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception.

See the following sample screen:  

All of our users are continuing to receive this error. But, unfortunately, this message is not very clear.  So what's happening?

A - Yes, we agree this message is not very clear. Unfortunately, we are relying on the lower layer implementation by merchant payment gateway software -- in this case, Payware PC -- to return the proper message so we can inform our users about what's happening.

If you look at the SIMEVENT.LOG in \Elliott7 root directory (if you are running V7), or \Elliott7\bin folder (if you are running V8), you can locate the following related entries:


This is a log file created by Payware for us to debug.  As you can see, there's no additional detail information we can trace.  To be fair, this is actually the message from Microsoft .Net.  Payware PC simply returns the .Net message, which they send on to Elliott.

After further investigation to your Payware PC server and discussion with Payware PC tech support, we found problem is caused by Windows update on 5/12/15 with KB3061518 and possible KB3068708 on your Payware PC server. You need to remove these two updates.  The root of the problem is the Windows update phase out support of 512 bytes encryption key which Payware PC rely on.

When we ask Payware PC what is their plan to migrate to higher level encryption key support with Payware PC, they simply said that they will no longer support Payware PC after Oct 15, 2015.  At this moment, we advise all of our Elliott users that use credit card processing migrate from Payware PC to Payware Connect. 

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