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My Bar Code Label Does Not Print

Q - We use Bartender to print bar code labels.  In various different places in Elliott, I can choose to print labels.  Then my bar code label, which is designed in Bartender, will be printed out. However, this stopped working today.  What may have caused it?

A - The common cause is because the "Commander" has stopped.  Elliott works with Bartender through the automation utility "Commander." If the Commander is not running, then the Bartender label printed through Elliott will not work.

Here is how it works:
(1) Elliott creates CSV file
When you choose to print bar code labels in Elliott, the system does not really produce the bar code label directly.  Instead, Elliott writes to a CSV file based on the settings or the user's input.  This is the reason why when you print this type of label, you simply tell Elliott to print the output to screen. The Elliott print output is not important.  What's important is that the printing program will create the CSV file.
(2) Configure a label template in Bartender
In Bartender, you will design a barcode label through its WYSWYG designer. You will specify the CSV file name from which the data will come.  Then you will insert the fields of the CSV file on the label and add additional graphics and other elements on your label design.  Once done, you will save the template.
(3) Configure the "Commander" to monitor the CSV file
You will configure the Commander to look for the specific CSV file created by Elliott.  Then launch the template to print the corresponding label.
(4) Start your "Commander"
Once the Commander is started, it will constantly look for those CSV files.  As soon as Elliott creates those CSV files, they will be merged with the template and printed on the target label printer.  

As you can see, it is desirable to have the Commander running all the time.  If the Commander is not running, then the bar code label will not be printed. The Commander can be configured to run as a service or application. In many situations, you can't run Commander as a service due to security issues.  Therefore, it is quite common to implement Commander as an application.

The problem with running Commander as an application is that if the machine hosting the Commander has been logged out or rebooted, the Commander will no longer be running. To make it easier, you can configure the logon profile to start Commander automatically.  Even so, if the machine hosting the Commander is not turned on or logged into, then Commander is still not running.  This is the most common reason why your bar code label does not print.

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